Geckos As Pets – 7 Important Things To Know!

Geckos As PetsKeeping geckos as pets can be a great introduction into the world of reptiles. They are generally easy to take care of and are normally fairly docile in captivity. However, you should know a few important facts about pet gecko care before heading to the pet store or breeder to bring home your own reptilian friend.

1. Don’t keep multiple males together – Although female geckos can easily share a home together with no problem even as adults, adult male geckos cannot. They are too territorial to get along within a single leopard gecko tank.

2. Males and females shouldn’t be raised together – Many people want to keep a male and a female gecko in a tank together, especially if they want to do some breeding at a later date. However, the males and females should not live together until they are adults capable of breeding. Young males and females should not share a tank.

3. Gut-loading is important – As you may already know, leopard and tokay geckos eat crickets and other insects that you can purchase in your local pet store. However, you should never purchase the feeder insects and immediately give them to your lizard. Instead, feed them lots of nutritious food for about 24 hours then use them for food to make sure your gecko is getting plenty of nutrition.

4. Tails can grow back but avoid the need – If you are keeping geckos as pets, don’t pick them up by the tail. They will get rid of their tail and when the new one grows back it won’t look the same.

5. Choose reputable sources – When trying to find lizards for sale, you should check only with places you trust. Some pet stores are great sources for geckos but you can find many other options online as well.

6. Geckos need moisture – Because your gecko will shed its skin, it needs a moist area in which to do this. The moisture helps the old skin come off easily.

7. Don’t keep geckos just for breeding – Breeding geckos is not the best reason for keeping geckos as pets. Unless you already have a buyer for the offspring, the risk to the health of your pets is not worth the effort.

If you are considering keeping geckos as pets, keep the above facts in mind so you can be sure you are making the right choice.