Frontline Plus for Dogs Review

Frontline Plus For Dogs

Frontline Plus for dogs is a medication that is given once a month as a topical application, and it is used to control and prevent fleas and ticks on your pet. Many vets recommend this treatment because it is highly effective and eliminates all stages of the life cycle for fleas. After receiving this dog flea control medication it will only take twenty four hours for all adult fleas to die off. Killing any chewing lice or ticks on your pet can take forty eight hours, and after this time your pet will be insect-free with Frontline Plus for dogs.

There is a price difference with Bio Spot vs. Frontline, and both of these treatments include an insect growth regulator medication to prevent any infestation in your home. This ingredient is S-methoprene, and it works to kill any larvae or flea eggs that are present. Many vets use Frontline Plus for dogs to ensure a flea and tick free facility, and it is available in single dose packets, a three pack which covers three months of treatment, and a twelve pack which will treat your pet for a full year. Comfortis for dogs is another option for flea and tick control, but this medication is an oral tablet instead of a topical application.

Frontline Plus for dogs should be applied in between the shoulders of your pet, in a spot where the medication can not be licked off or rubbed into the eyes or mouth of your pet. You should not bathe your dog for seven days before applying the treatment, and should wait about a week after treatment before giving your pet a bath to ensure the medication is fully utilized. This is also a requirement for Bio Spot for dogs, and other topical applications used to treat pests on your pet.