Frontline for Cats Side Effects

Frontline For Cats

Frontline for cats is a popular choice for pet owners who want to control fleas and ticks, and treat or prevent an infestation. This medication can have a number of side effects though, and these usually appear when the medication is not administered properly or when an overdose is given to your pet. A cat fleas home remedy is usually not very effective at controlling parasites like fleas and ticks, and these remedies will not usually work for long. The possible side effects that are associated with Frontline for cats can range from mild to serious, and in severe cases the treatment may need to be stopped and another medication used instead.

Bio Spot for cats is another flea treatment medication, and the same possible side effects can occur with almost all flea treatments because of the types of medications used in these products. Skin sensitivity and irritation is one of the most common side effects, and if this occurs simply wash the affected area with warm water. Frontline for cats may cause severe irritation in some pets, and if the irritation does not go away within a short time then a vet should be consulted. Evaluating Bio Spot vs. Frontline will show that both these medications can have side effects, and both can cause a severe or even life threatening allergic reaction in a small percentage of pets that use these flea treatments.

Other side effects that may occur with Frontline for cats usually occur because the cat has another medical condition, or has been given other medications or supplements that can interact with the active ingredients in this treatment. This is also true with Frontline Plus for dogs. These medications are available without a prescription, but you should discuss flea treatments with your vet before deciding on a product, to ensure that the best treatment for your specific pet can be determined.