Ferret Cages With Tunnels Review

Ferret CagesHaving ferrets as pets can be something of an investment, especially when it comes to ferret cages. While many are relatively simple (just levels connected by wire ramps) others lean more toward extravagant (37″ x 24″ and 56″ tall, with adjustable ramps and balconies).

So, which kind is best? Are ferret cages with tunnels or ramps best? Here are some things to consider.

Cages with wire ramps are the most common type of habitat. However the wire ramps can put some strain on tender ferret feet, so some owners put down liners on some of the wire for their pet ferret to walk on. The benefit is this type of cage is usually easy to clean, and many dangling or hanging ferret toys or beds are readily available.

Other ferret cages come with tunnels, a fun addition for both owner and ferret. When purchasing ferret supplies like tunnels, always measure to gauge if your ferret is actually the right size for the tubes or you may waste money. Also, ensure that the tunnels are within the habitat and not circling outside of it: Industrious ferrets can break plastic tubes and escape. Another thing to consider is that cleaning of the tunnels can be a hassle you might not want to deal with.

Reliable brands of ferret cages include Ferret Nation and Feisty Ferret. Ferret Nation cages tend to run on the pricey side, but are sturdy and reliable. They make ferret care a bit easier with accessories included. Feisty Ferret is more economical, and comes with many of the same features as the Ferret Nation cages. They do have drawbacks in that the floor of the second levels must be covered, and removal of the floors can only be done through the top of the cage.

With proper searching and knowledge or your ferret’s needs, you can find the habitat that’s right for your pet, and your budget.