Famotidine Side Effects in Cats and Dogs

Famotidine Side Effects

The possible Famotidine side effects in cats and dogs can range substantially, and some may only be bothersome while others can cause a life threatening reaction or condition to occur. This medication is used for treating acid reflux in dogs and cats, as well as other excess acid related conditions. Even though this medication does not require a prescription there are some serious side effects and risks in rare cases. Some of the most serious Famotidine side effects include a severe allergic reaction, which can lead to anaphylactic shock and death for your pet if not treated immediately, and a complete loss of appetite.

Other side effects with Famotidine for dogs and cats can include nausea, tiredness, and a rash. If an overdose occurs then a number of other symptoms may appear as well. These Famotidine side effects require immediate medical attention, and include a rapid heart beat, a racing pulse, vomiting, pale gums and skin, and restlessness. These are all signs that there is a serious problem, and are usually caused when the recommended Famotidine dosage is exceeded, either by accident or because of a misunderstanding about the amount or frequency that the medication should be given. An overdose can also result in your pet collapsing.

While a number of the Famotidine side effects are serious these symptoms are not common, and this medication is used by many pet owners with excellent results. If your dog or cat is on this medication you should be alert for any unusual behavior or worrisome symptoms, and if any occur then you should contact your vet. Famotidine for cats and dogs will help lower the level of gastric acid production, and often the many benefits far outweigh the slight risk of side effects. This medication should be used with extreme caution in animals who are pregnant, because the full risks to the unborn pups or kittens is not fully known.