Famotidine for Dogs for Upset Stomach vs. Pepto Bismol

Famotidine For Dogs

Famotidine for dogs is an over the counter medication that is used to treat upset stomach and the overproduction of stomach acid, and this medicine can be used in cats as well and goes under the brand name Pepcid. Pepto Bismol is also commonly used to treat an upset stomach in canines, so which is a better choice to use with your pet? The answer may depend on the specific problems that your dog is experiencing. A Famotidine dosage is given in pill form and significantly slows down gastric acid production, while Pepto Bismol coats the stomach and soothes the digestive system. Famotidine for dogs is usually a better choice if your pet has been diagnosed with ulcers, or if too much gastric acid is produced regularly.

Pepto Bismol for dogs is a common remedy for nausea and an upset stomach, but this product will not stop the production of gastric acid. Many owners also report that Pepto Bismol does not help much with diarrhea either. Famotidine for dogs lowers the amount of gastric acid in the digestive system of your pet, so that heartburn, ulcers, and other common conditions caused by excessive acid do not occur. Acid reflux in dogs can cause serious complications, and should be treated effectively. If your pet produces excess acid occasionally but does not require daily treatment then using Pepto Bismol may work.

If your pet has excess gastric acid frequently, or a diagnosis of a condition caused by an excess of this fluid is made, then a daily treatment with Famotidine for dogs may be a better choice than Pepto Bismol. There are some possible Famotidine side effects that may occur, the most serious usually being an allergic reaction. If your pet displays any unusual symptoms then you should consult your vet. Both Famotidine and Pepto Bismol may be a good treatment choice in certain situations, but a bad choice in other circumstances, so the specific situation should be discussed with your vet.