Famotidine Dosage for Dogs – How Much?

Famotidine Dosage

What is the correct Famotidine dosage for dogs, and why is this medication advised by vets? This drug is available without a prescription and can also be found under the brand name of Pepcid. The FDA has not approved this medication for animals, but vets have been recommending it as a treatment for many years so the practice has become common. Famotidine for dogs will decrease the amount of stomach acid that your pet produces, and this can prevent or treat any ulcers and symptoms such as heartburn that are caused by the excess acid production. The exact Famotidine dosage given should depend on several factors, and should be determined by the vet.

Heartburn, ulcers, and acid reflux in dogs can be effectively treated with over the counter medications like Famotidine in many cases. An initial consultation with the vet should be arranged, so that the correct and effective Famotidine dosage can be calculated for your pet. The weight of your pet is a factor, and a typical dose can range from 0.22 mg per pound of weight to 0.44 mg per pound of weight. The dosing schedule for Famotidine for cats and dogs both will also need to be calculated, because this medication may be given either once or twice a day.

Once your vet has calculated the proper Famotidine dosage for your pet it is important to follow the schedule and amounts carefully. If left untreated excess stomach acid production can lead to more serious problems. There are some possible Famotidine side effects, and if any of these occur you should consult the vet to determine whether to stop treatment or not. Pets who have certain diseases affecting the heart, liver, or kidneys may not be ideal candidates for this medication, and another option may need to be used instead. For most pets this medication is safe and effective when the proper dosage is given.