Eclectus Parrot Diet

Eclectus ParrotIf you’re interested in becoming the proud owner of an eclectus parrot, then you first need to study up on what it takes to care for such a bird. Adopting any animal is no small undertaking and requires serious consideration, far greater than deciding which one of those decorative bird cages you want for Polly’s new home, or if you prefer the Kelly green male or the bright red female eclectus. Remember that the eclectus parrot can be quite shy and will take its time getting to know you, but that with your patience and tender loving care, you can have a bird that will gladly come to you for a petting when the mood strikes. It is important that anyone looking into having eclectus parrots as pets understands the bird’s special needs, including diet. Here are diet guidelines for the eclectus that you should take into consideration:

1. Both fortified seeds and specialized pellets are part of a well-balanced diet for the eclectus parrot. However, keep in mind that seeds are higher in fat and less nutritious than pellets and should therefore be kept to a minimum. Pellets should compose sixty to seventy percent of your bird’s diet.

2. Eclectus parrot breeders will tell you that these parrots love fruits and veggies. Carrots, cooked beans, broccoli, rice, kale and papaya will make your feathered friend chirp with delight. Just be sure to dispose of any fare that has not been eaten within twenty-four hours.

3. Keep your pet parrots away from the following foods: caffeine, alcohol, fruit seeds and avocados.

4. Provide clean, fresh chlorine-free water for your bird each and every day.

Remember that your bird’s eating habits are indicative of its health, so monitor them closely. If you follow these diet guidelines, you will be ensuring a happy, healthy eclectus parrot.