Dog Joint Supplements Review

Dog Joint SupplementsWhat Are Joint Supplements?

Dog joint supplements are similar to multivitamins, but they contain substances that in proper joint function and help heal damaged joints. These substances are the same that many human joint supplements contain. The most well-known of these ingredients is glucosamine. Supplements come in many different forms such as tablets, flavored chewable tablets, powders, and even liquids like liquid glucosamine for dogs. Your vet will recommend supplements for a wide range of ailments like hip dysplasia, torn ligament repair surgeries, and even as a dog arthritis medicine. Such treatments have consistently shown positive results in clinical trials and studies.

What Supplement is Right for My Dog?

Since dog joint supplements are used for so many different problems, it would seem that there would be an enormous number of different supplements to choose from. Well, there is, but that doesn’t mean they are all completely different. Supplements labeled for use as an arthritis in dogs treatment will probably contain the same ingredients as a supplement for post joint surgery recovery. These key ingredients are, again, glucosamine and, also, chondroitin. Looking for these main substances is the most important factor in choosing the right supplement to treat dog joint pain. Basically, if it contains a substantial concentration of these, then it will do fine.

What Do They Do Anyway?

Dog joint supplements work by helping your dog’s body build the structures needed for proper joint function. In doing so, these supplements also help relieve inflammation caused by added friction in joints, the cause of most arthritis pain. Also helping this lubricating effect, glucosamine and chondroitin help make natural joint fluids. These effects are helpful in cases of post joint surgery because they tend to promote faster healing. These substances also, more importantly, promote proper healing. What this means is they allow your pet’s body to rebuild their damaged joint with the correct materials and structure. This proper healing is crucial in making sure a newly repaired joint does its job and does it as close as possible to a fully functional joint.