Dog Health Insurance Comparison

Dog Health InsuranceYou may wonder if dog health insurance is necessary. The truth is, if your dog gets sick and has to be rushed to the vet, it could end up costing you thousands. Considering you may purchase insurance for your dog for as low as five dollars a month, dog insurance is definitely something worth looking into. You may purchase health insurance for dogs as young as eight weeks old. It’s a good idea to insure your canine as early as possible, especially if you have a breed that’s prone to certain diseases, because most policies won’t cover pre-existing conditions and, once you have a dog illness diagnosis, it’s too late. There are so many companies and policies to choose from. How do you decide? Here is a dog health insurance comparison to help:

1. Annual exams are fairly inexpensive, so if you don’t paying coming out of pocket for them, your best bet is to go with accident, illness and injury coverage from a company like Pet Plan. For around ten dollars a month, things like hereditary conditions and dog knee surgery are covered up to eighty percent.

2. If you would like your wellness exams covered, as well as some kennel fees and advertising/reward costs for a lost dog, then a mid-cost (approximately twenty-five dollars) dog health insurance plan from a company like Pet First should suit your needs.

3. There are several more expensive insurance policies from companies like Hartville and Pet Partners (AKC) that will run you between sixty and seventy dollars a month, but with this comprehensive coverage you can rest assured knowing that most any of your sick dog symptoms will be covered, as well as dental visits and more.

It’s important that you do your research before choosing an insurance provider. Not all dog health insurance policies are created equal. Take your specific breed into consideration and choose a policy that’s best for you.