Dog Grooming Tubs For Sale Review

Dog Grooming TubsDog grooming tubs are the Cadillac of dog bath locales, and are no longer just for professionals. Today, many dog owners are opting to invest in a good grooming tub. Why? Cleanliness is the reason, for starters. Keep your bathtub free of unsightly dog hair and your carpet free of the grass that your dog inevitably brings in after bath time. All the dog shampoo and hair your dog sheds during a bath goes down the dog tub drain, leaving nothing to clean up. On top of that, safety measure like non-skid flooring, a collar system to hold Fido in place, and a nozzle with flow control for vulnerable areas like the face make dog grooming tubs an ideal purchase for those who really want to give their pets the best.

It is true that, of all the dog grooming supplies on the market, some grooming tubs might cost a pretty penny, but many will last a lifetime. If you’re serious about grooming your furry friend, then it’s a good idea to look into dog grooming tubs for sale. Here’s a review of what’s available:

&1. Groomer’s Booster Bath is a great choice if you’re on a tight budget, want something light and portable, and need to give your aching back a break. This tub is raised off the ground to the level of a standard dog grooming table so that you don’t have to stoop at all to give your dog a bath.

2. Inflatable and pop-up bathtubs are by far the most inexpensive option if you’re looking to upgrade your dog’s outside bath location.

3. If you’ve read up on all your dog grooming tips and are ready to invest in some professional-grade equipment, then look into walk-through pet tubs. These are for the serious groomer, and come with ramps and plumbing hookups.

As you can see, there is a variety of dog grooming tubs to choose from. Take your budget and your space into account and make a choice. Either way, your dog and your shower drain will thank you.