Dog Flea Control Comparison

Dog Flea ControlThere are a number of dog flea control products on the market. The one spot flea products that you apply to the dog’s skin monthly have become very popular. Some, but not all, of these products also kill ticks which can cause Lyme disease and repel mosquitoes that can carry West Nile virus and heartworms. If you are choosing this method of dog flea control, be sure to read the label. There is also an oral dog fleas treatment. One type is given monthly and the other is given only once in a dog’s lifetime. Topical and oral dog flea control is more thorough than simply using a flea collar. While dog ear mites can be mistaken for fleas, they are an entirely different bug and different treatment is required.

It is important to practice dog flea control. Dog insect bites are very distressing to your pet. Not only do they itch, but when your dog scratches it can break the surface of the skin leading to infection. If your dog has fleas, then you probably have fleas in your carpeting and furniture. Fleas feed on blood. Dog fleas on humans are something you truly want to avoid. You can purchase a flea “bomb” to fumigate your home and kill the fleas that are hiding. Wash your dog in flea soap to kill any existing fleas on the animal. Next use your preventive treatment of choice.
Be aware that the vast majority of flea products do contain toxins. Also, some products that work for dogs should never be used on cats.

You can also find commercial dog and cat fleas home remedy products online. These are usually combinations of essential oils. Eucalyptus or neem oil added to your pet’s bath will help repel fleas. Vacuum regularly to cut down on fleas and eggs in your home. Dispose of the contents in an outside trash can. Don’t leave it in your home or the fleas will breed in your vacuum! Armed with a little knowledge, you and your pet can have a happy flea free life!