Dog Bad Breath Causes and Remedies

Dog Bad Breath CausesThe Causes of Dog’s Bad Breath

The first step to eliminating bad breath is to know the major dog bad breath causes. Halitosis, bad breath, can be caused by a surprisingly large number of things. Of these things, though, the main culprit of canine bad breath is bad dental hygiene. Poor dental hygiene causes a buildup of bacteria (plaque) that attach themselves to the tooth surface, then slowly mineralize, turning into the hard substance known as calculus. These bacteria eventually cause oral ailments such as gingivitis and periodontitis, or bone destruction. During these more advanced stages the bacteria give off hydrogen sulfide as a byproduct, and that is what stinks oh so bad.

Other dog bad breath causes are mostly the result of a dog’s curious eating habits. Especially in cases of puppy bad breath, it is common for dogs to find the smelliest possible items and, happily, eat them. The cause of the resulting bad breath is no mystery in this case, neither is the cure. Viral and bacterial, other than plague, infections can also be the cause. These infections can often attack your dog’s mouth in a similar way to plaque. Viral and bacterial infections can also create problems in the gut, which create smells that travel up the esophagus and out the mouth. These dog bad breath causes are very similar to the causes of cat bad breath, and the remedies are also similar.

The Treatments

Dog bad breath remedies are specific to the cause. Halitosis symptoms caused by poor dental hygiene are, in the early stages, easily cured with a simple change in hygiene habits. Dental cleanings at your vet should be done regularly. You can also brush your dog’s teeth in between cleanings. To help keep plaque buildup under control, you can try mixing dry food in with your dog’s canned food if canned is their normal diet. Chew toys and bones are your dog’s natural way of cleaning their teeth; it’s why they have the urge to chew in the first place, so you should keep plenty around for your dog to use.

Other dog bad breath causes, like viral and bacterial infections, should be treated accordingly depending on the pathogen. If all other remedies fail, it is best to have your dog checked for these infections so you can begin treatment as soon as possible.