Deramaxx Dosage – How Much To Give?

Deramaxx Dosage

What is the correct Deramaxx dosage for you to give your dog? The answer will depend on how much your dog weighs, and this will determine the exact dose prescribed by your vet. The dosage will also depend on whether the medication is intended to treat dog joint pain caused by arthritis or pain after your pet has had a surgical or dental procedure. For dogs who weigh less than four pounds there is no safe post operative Deramaxx dosage, and for dogs who are over four pounds the dose should be between 1.4 mg and 1.8 mg for each pound of body weight, and this is a once a day dose.

Deramaxx for dogs should never be given to cats or other animals, because this drug is only intended for use in canines. This drug is also prescribed to treat pain and inflammation caused by arthritis as your dog ages, and the dose for this purpose will be different than the post surgical dose. The safe Deramaxx dosage for arthritis and joint pain is 0.45 mg to 0.91 mg per pound of body weight in a single dose each day. This lower dose is usually effective, and helps to minimize the possible risk of any Deramaxx side effects occurring.

Comparing Deramaxx vs. Rimadyl shows that Deramaxx is a Cox 2 inhibitor, while Rimadyl is a Cox 1 inhibitor. These drugs work in different ways, and many vets prefer the use of Deramaxx because of lower risks and smaller dose amount. The correct Deramaxx dosage must be given, because too little of the medication will not relieve the pain and inflammation effectively, but too much will cause serious medical problems and even death in some cases. Deramaxx has a beef flavoring, unlike the liver taste offered by the Rimadyl dosage, and both drugs should be securely stored so that your pet does not overdose.