Dental Diet Cat Food Review

Dental Diet Cat FoodThere is some debate amongst cat owners as to the best way to tend to their pet’s oral hygiene, from the use of dental diet cat food to herbal supplements. Tartar buildup in cats can lead to infection that spreads throughout the entire body, and while it is inarguable that it is important to pay close attention to oral health for cats, the best method of doing so is debatable. There are fairly inexpensive and easy ways of preventing tooth and gum problems in younger cats and helping slow periodontal disease in older cats, from buying cat dental chews to putting them on a special diet geared toward their dental health. The market is flooded with options for dental diet cat food, ranging from inexpensive grocery store finds to more expensive systems sold online. What’s the best option for your cat? This dental diet cat food review should help you narrow it down:

If your cat is more mature and already has marked tarter buildup and infection or periodontal disease, your best bet is to go to your vet and get a prescription. Then choose your brand. Hill’s Prescription Diet cat food is clinically proven to combat harmful feline teeth problems is worth the investment to protect your feline’s teeth.

For preventative care in a younger cat, Friskies Dental Diet cat food is a great choice that does not require a prescription and is less expensive than the scripted brands.

There are things you can do to promote healthy cat teeth hygiene in addition to these dental diet cat foods. Cat teeth cleaning is the most extreme option and can cost a lot of money, so it’s best to take preventative measures for as long as possible. Invest in a good dental diet for your cat. You won’t be sorry you did.