Conure Parrot For Sale – What To Watch Out For?

Conure Parrot for SaleIf you are trying to find a Conure parrot for sale, you could be making a great choice. These intelligent birds can be wonderful additions to the home thanks to their intelligence and friendliness. However, before you purchase or adopt one to share your family’s life there are some things you should watch out for.

Behavior Issues

Whether you choose a Nanday Conure or one of the other breeds, you should know that these birds can develop behavior problems if they are allowed to become bored. Like humans, conures are social animals. They need to interact and to be entertained. If they are not having those needs met, they will resort to negative behaviors such as feather plucking and biting. If you are purchasing an older bird, you want to watch out for these types of behaviors in the bird you are bringing home.


One of the main reasons an older conure parrot for sale can be found is a behavioral problem known as screaming. The Blue Crown Conure and other breeds can make very loud, noisy vocalizations if they choose. If they are bored, they may choose to do this a great deal. You can worsen the problem by responding to their screaming in any way, especially by letting them out of their cage. You don’t want your Golden Conure to assume screaming at you is a positive behavior.


The good news is that the Jenday Conure and most of the conure types are not that prone to illness as long as they receive pretty good care from their owners. However, if you are purchasing a conure parrot for sale make sure to look for signs of illness first, including ruffled or dull plumage, nostril or mouth discharge, or their head being placed under their wings. Also make sure you have already located a veterinarian experienced in working with birds who can take care of your new bird’s health needs before you make the commitment to bring one into your home.

While searching for a conure parrot for sale definitely makes sense for bird lovers, don’t make the commitment to one of these long-living birds unless you have thought about the potential problems as well as the numerous benefits.