Comfortis for Dogs – Best Chewable Treatment for Fleas!

Comfortis For Dogs

Comfortis for dogs is a medication that has received FDA approval for use in dogs to kill fleas and prevent any infestation of these pests. This medication is only available with a prescription from a vet, and it works for a full month with each treatment. Unlike Frontline Plus for dogs, which is applied topically, Comfortis comes in a chewable tablet that is ingested and has a beef flavor that most dogs enjoy. Comfortis for dogs is not recommended for puppies under fourteen weeks old, or for male dogs that may be used for breeding purposes later on. This treatment causes fleas to start dying off within half an hour of the tablet being ingested, and lasts for thirty days.

Bio Spot for dogs is another possible flea treatment, but this is also a topical medication. Because Comfortis is ingested the medication may be more effective, and can not be removed or wiped off. With topical treatments there are bathing restrictions, but with Comfortis for dogs this is not a consideration. Some fleas can become resistant to topical medications, so that the treatment becomes less effective over time. Effective dog flea control is shown with Comfortis, and flea resistance has not been seen so far with this medication.

Comfortis for dogs does have some possible side effects, and this is not the right choice for every pet. Your vet can help you evaluate the risks and benefits, so that the right product is chosen. If fleas are not treated your pet and home can quickly become infested, and not all dog fleas treatment will work the same. Comfortis was the first to receive FDA approval because this medication is highly effective and environmentally safe. Fleas are killed off before any eggs can be laid, and when used as directed every month this treatment can eliminate any fleas on your pet and in your residence.