Cat Throwing Up – What Can I Do To Help?

Cat Throwing UpSimple Causes

No one wants to see, or clean up after, their cat throwing up. Because cats have sensitive digestive systems, there are a number of causes. Most of the time the cause is simple and it can be remedied easily at home. Cat vomiting causes such as these can be hairballs, food change, eating too much too fast, and eating indigestible items. If your cat throws up after eating, it is usually caused by these problems. The remedies for these causes are simply to remove them. If your cat eats too fast you should feed them smaller amounts over a length of time. Food changes should always be done gradually, mix foods in thirds starting with two thirds old food and gradually change to all new food. Hairballs are a whole other article, and have many remedies to help aid in proper cat hairball prevention.

More Serious Problems

A cat throwing up can also be a case of a much worse problem. Infections and parasites usually come with other symptoms, diarrhea and cat loss of appetite are common in this case. These should be diagnosed and treated by your vet as soon as possible. Poison is another cause; this usually causes vomiting then trying to vomit even after the stomach is empty. Treatment should be immediate and you’ll want to find the poison ingested by your cat. A cat throwing up can also be a sign of allergies. Just like people, cats can develop allergies over time. So, the reactions may not manifest in conjunction with environmental changes. Milk is the worst culprit. Contrary to popular belief, many cats are lactose intolerant or have allergic reactions to milk.

There are other, less serious, problems that can be the cause of your cat throwing up. Motion sickness is common in cats since they don’t spend much time in vehicles. Not feeding your cat before a trip can help with this. Most importantly, if you try the simple remedies and they don’t work or you notice other symptoms, it is important to contact your vet for diagnosis.