Cat Not Eating Or Drinking – How To Help?

Cat Not EatingA cat not eating or drinking can be very distressing, and as a pet owner you want to help your cat in every way possible. It is usually a good idea to take your cat to the vet if you notice any cat illness symptoms, because some illnesses may require medications like antibiotics or antiviral drugs so your pet can recover. This is not always possible though, either because your vet is not open at the time or because of financial difficulty. A cat not eating or drinking may become dehydrated or lethargic quickly, and there are some home treatments that you can try until the vet can see your pet.

Any cat loss of appetite can be caused by a virus, and this can be similar to a cold in people. Hand feeding your cat small amounts of soft food can help give your pet the nutrition they need. Any cat not eating for more than a day or two should be checked by a vet, because there are many medical problems that can cause older cats to lose their appetite. Ringworm in cats may also cause them to stop eating or drinking, but you will also usually see a skin rash or fur loss with this condition.

A soft coated baby spoon can help you hand feed a cat not eating properly, and a medicine syringe for infants can be used to force fluids on your pet until you can get them to the vet for treatment. Sometimes a fever can be one of the symptoms, and this may result in a very lethargic cat that shakes at times and does not want to move. Only a vet can diagnose the exact cause of your cat’s illness or medical problem, and often a vet visit is needed before your pet will get better again.