Cat Health Insurance Review

Cat Health InsuranceWe all know that health insurance provides some major benefits for people but did you know that cat health insurance can offer the same peace of mind and security for your pet? Of course reaping the rewards of such an insurance policy means finding the right coverage for your cat’s needs.

Know Your Coverage

Just as with human insurance, cat health insurance can sometimes be confusing. Multiple policies are available and provide different levels of benefits. Some cover preventative care; others do not. If your pet has recurring cat health problems, don’t expect these to be covered. Most policies will only pay for first time illnesses. Depending on your policy, a percentage of the treatment costs (usually between 70 and 90%) will be paid up to a specific capped amount. The same approach usually applies to accidents as well.

Because of the way the policies work, you may not be able to get coverage for treating Feline Leukemia symptoms from a pre-existing infection. Likewise, if your cat has already been diagnosed with diabetes, your coverage may not extend to the treatment of feline diabetic neuropathy. If these are concerns of yours, make sure to discuss them with the insurance company before signing up for coverage.

What to Include

Cat health insurance is a great choice if you are bringing a young kitten into your home. In that case, you should definitely look for a policy that also covers preventative care. Some policies will pay up to $150 per year for a wellness examination that includes required vaccinations, heartworm testing, and even spaying and neutering. Keep in mind that most policies will not pay for expenses related to breeding your cat.

For older cats, you want to look for policies geared towards their specific health needs. Coverage for cancer, heart disease, and strokes should be part of the policy. Although not a happy topic to think about, euthanasia benefits should be part of the insurance, too.

Compare cat health insurance policies until you find the right coverage. Don’t hesitate to ask cat health questions before choosing any policy.