Cat Fleas on Humans – How To Avoid Getting Bitten?

Cat Fleas on HumansCats make wonderful companions for people but for Ctenocephalides felis they may even better food. That term refers to the cat flea, a small parasite that feeds on felines as well as dogs and wild rodents. Cat fleas on humans can cause serious problems, including allergies and disease. Learning how to prevent this problem is an important part of sharing your home with a cat.

Flea Risks

While cat fleas on humans and pets may seem like a minor nuisance at first, they should be taken seriously. A small infestation can become a huge problem in days because each flea can release up to 30 eggs daily and these hatch in about 48 hours.

Bites from the fleas can cause itchy bumps in anyone, but if you are allergic to the bite then you develop hives and severe itching thanks to their bites. If you are bitten by a flea who has also bitten wild rodents, you could contract Murine typhus, a condition that is rarely fatal but can cause high fevers, muscle pain, confusion, and more.

Treating the Flea Problem

If you are worried about cat fleas on humans, your first step in cat flea control should be prevention. Keeping the problem out of your home is easier than eliminating an infestation. You can get flea preventatives from your vet for your cat. Also, keeping your cat indoors is a great way of keeping the fleas outdoors.

If you do develop a problem, cat fleas treatment includes spot medications that contain ingredients to stop the growth of the fleas (insect growth regulators and insect development inhibitors). You can also purchase insecticides to spray around your home but make sure they are safe for your pets first. Flea dips and oral medications can also help remove the adult fleas from your cat.

Some cat fleas home remedy ideas include frequent vacuuming to pick up adults and larvae around your home. You should also wash anything that has come in contact with your cat, including bedding and rugs to kill the eggs and any adults on them.

By taking these simple steps you can prevent the risks of having cat fleas on humans.