Cat Bladder Infection Home Remedy

Cat Bladder InfectionIf your cat is visiting the litter box more frequently but passing very little urine, it may be suffering from cat bladder infection. Bladder infections are caused by bacteria, but psychological stress can make your cat more prone to developing infection. Blood in the urine is another symptom of cat bladder infection. Your cat my make noises while urinating because of the pain of the bladder infection.
During a cat urinary tract infection, your pet my urinate outside the litter box. For some unknown reason cats will choose a smooth, cool floor to urinate on. A cat spraying indoors is not a symptom of infection, but rather it is the result of your cat’s natural desire to mark his territory. A cat bladder infection usually resolves on its own, but in some cases can be life threatening. If your cat appears to be in pain during urination or stops passing urine altogether, it could have cat bladder stones. These stones are hard accumulations of minerals that can block the urine from exiting the bladder. Consult your veterinarian. Surgery, medication, or catheterization may be required to remedy this problem.

While there are no vet approved home remedies that can cure bladder infection in dogs or cats, there are some steps you can take to help prevent cat bladder infection:

1. Clean the litter box often. If you have multiple cats, you should also have multiple litter boxes.

2. Make sure your cat always has fresh, clean water.

3. Feed your cat small meals throughout the day rather than one or two big meals.

4. The litter box should be in a safe, quiet place. Stress can trigger bladder infections.

5. Avoid major routine changes that could stress your cat.

6. If your cat has a history of bladder stones, consult the veterinarian about the proper diet and supplements.