Cat Bath Tips – How to Bathe Cat that Does Not Like Water?

Cat Bath

A cat bath can be a nightmare, not just for your cat but also for you. Most cats are not fond of water, and some are terrified. You may find an occasional cat that will tolerate a bath but this is not common, and most cats will try to draw blood if you attempt to get them wet. Cat bath wipes can help if your cat simply needs to be gently cleaned and a full scale bath is not necessary. Most of the time a cat will keep themselves clean, but once in a while a cat bath may become necessary. You will want to do this in a way that is as stress free as possible, so you do not terrify or traumatize your cat.

Cat shampoo can be found in both wet and dry varieties, and a dry shampoo does not require water to clean your pet. These products are usually in powder form, and after you apply the powder then you will need to brush your cat thoroughly to remove any dirt and oils. A cat bath may require you to restrain your pet if water is not tolerated well, and this should be done gently so you do not injure the animal. If you are not comfortable doing this then you can hire a professional, and get cat grooming tips as well as a thorough job.

Giving a cat bath to a cat that hates or fears water can leave marks if you are not careful, and can result in a frightened cat who avoids you for days afterwards. If your cat dislikes water then never submerge your cat completely, and do not pour water over their face. Cat bathing should never be done until your cat has had their nails trimmed, to avoid any scratches. A rubber mat on the bottom of the sink or tub can help make your cat feel more secure, so they are less likely to panic and become aggressive.