Canine Epilepsy Diet – What Should Be on The Menu?

Canine Epilepsy DietDid you know that the root cause of your dog’s seizures could be found in his food dish? Switching your pet to a canine epilepsy diet could prevent recurring seizures and give your pet a happier life.

Nutrition and Epilepsy in Dogs

Although dog seizures causes can include a wide range of problems, including the ingestion of toxins and brain damage, research also suggests many dogs’ seizures could be helped just by switching to the canine epilepsy diet. This diet is intended to correct many of the deficiencies found in the average canine diet which could be the underlying trigger for the seizures.

Recognize the Symptoms

Before treating your dog with the canine epilepsy diet, you need to understand the symptoms of the condition. Below are some of the canine epilepsy symptoms you need to be watching for:

• Sudden stiffening of the body
• Staring off or being non-responsive to stimuli
• Increased saliva production
• Uncontrolled urination
• Shaking, trembling, or twitching of the limbs

If you see these symptoms, don’t do anything until the seizure passes. Then contact your vet as soon as possible so you can rule out serious, non-nutritional causes for the seizures.

Fixing the Problem

When you go to the vet, he or she will prescribe medication for your dog. This type of dog seizures treatment may need to be used for the entire life of your dog if an underlying cause cannot be found or cured. The canine epilepsy diet might be a good thing to try before requiring your dog to take medicine twice a day for the rest of his life.

With this diet, you want to avoid commercial dog food and make your own, if possible. If you can’t make your own dog food at home, you need to purchase the highest quality commercial food available. Make sure to read the label and steer clear of foods that include fillers, by-products, coloring agents, and high amounts of processed sugar. Make sure the food does not include BHA, BHT, or sodium nitrate: all of these chemicals are known to trigger seizures in dogs and should, therefore, not be included in the canine epilepsy diet.

By making some simple changes in your dog’s nutrition through the canine epilepsy diet, you could help prevent his seizures.