Blue Crown Conure Care

Blue Crown ConureSharing your home with a blue crown conure can be a rewarding experience. These beautiful and intelligent birds can be entertaining and very loyal. However, they do require a great deal of care so you need to be prepared before making a commitment. After all, these birds can easily live 15 to 20 years in the home.

Housing Requirements

The first step in preparing your home for one of these birds is to determine the appropriate blue crown conure cage size. You never want to get a cage that is too small for your conure. They love having a lot of room. For a blue crown or golden conure, you might want to stick to cages with these minimum dimensions: 44” x 26” x 40”. You want these types of dimensions because you want the bird to have room horizontally and vertically.

Another option is to provide the bird with a room of his own. You will still want to give him a cage, but you can also provide him with more room for flying around. Just make sure to choose a room with no carpeting and with easy-to-clean paint on the walls.


Another important aspect of blue crown conure care is the feeding and watering. Like most animals, conures need clean water all of the time to drink. They also appreciate a nice warm water bird bath, too.

As far as food goes, you’ll want to begin your blue crown conure’s diet with a high quality dry mix. The dry food will provide most of the nutrients he needs to be healthy. However, you should also supplement that dry food with vegetables, fruits, and seeds. The combination of these supplemental items should never account for more than one-fourth of your conure’s diet.

When you are picking these supplemental foods, remember that fresh is always the best choice. You should also opt for organically grown or pesticide-free produce so that your bird is not exposed to any potentially dangerous toxins. Sprouting seeds are a good choice, too.

While housing and feeding are two of the most important aspects of caring for a blue crown conure, remember that choosing the right blue crown conure breeders is also an important way to get started with a healthy and happy bird.