Bio Spot vs Frontline – Which One Is Better?

Bio Spot vs Frontline

Bio Spot vs Frontline is a common question asked by pet owners, so which one is better? Both of these medications will help control fleas and prevent an infestation in your home, and both are once a month topical applications that last for 30 days. Bio Spot for dogs has a lower price than Frontline though, so it is possible to treat any cat or dog for less. Some owners have reported that Frontline has become less effective over time, and this is a possibility with any pesticides. Bio Spot vs Frontline means comparing the active ingredients and other factors.

Frontline Plus for dogs does have an insect growth regulator, just like Bio Spot does, so both products will control the growth of any eggs or larvae present while treating any adult fleas as well. The comparison of Bio Spot vs Frontline is questioned by almost every pet owner, and the insect growth regulator component makes Bio Spot a better choice for most pets. It is not enough to just kill off the fleas that can be seen, the life cycle of this insect must be interrupted or else new fleas will hatch and create a problem again. Frontline for cats or dogs does not have the insect growth regulator component that Bio Spot does, so it may not be as effective.

Deciding whether to use Bio Spot vs Frontline can also depend on any allergies and medical conditions that your pet may have. Some pets may be sensitive to a specific medication, or display allergy symptoms with certain drugs, so some pets may be better off with one product or the other. Bio Spot for cats and dogs can be less expensive, and this treatment choice is normally more effective than Frontline products which do not include an insect growth regulator component.