Best Dog Shampoo For My Puppy

Dog ShampooSo you just brought a new furry friend home and you want to know which dog shampoo is best? Do your research before scrubbing little Scruffy down because not all dog shampoos are created equal. Walking into a pet store for the first time may set your head spinning, what with the myriad of dog grooming tubs, tools, and lathers to choose from. Keep in mind that your puppy needs a shampoo formulated for its skin, and not just any shampoo will do. Here is a quick rundown of how to choose the best dog shampoo for your puppy:

1. Never use human shampoo. Human shampoo has a pH that is suited for human skin, but that will inevitably irritate your precious pup’s skin.

2. Determine your doggy’s skin type before choosing a dog shampoo. This is fairly simple. If your dog has flakes, it has dry skin. Oil residue on its coat means oily skin. Neither flakes nor residue indicates normal skin.

3. Avoid too much scent. Sure, it’s nice to have a good-smelling dog, but heavy scents can irritate a puppy’s delicate skin. An organic dog shampoo will have natural ingredients and fewer additives, and is a great choice for your little friend.

4. If your puppy has fleas, dandruff or any of a variety of common skin conditions, your vet may recommend a medicated shampoo as one of your dog grooming tips. In this case a natural, oatmeal-based shampoo is your best choice, and the least likely to bother your puppy’s skin.

5. If you’re just not sure you can trust those store-bought brands, look into homemade dog shampoo. Several recipes, suited for different skin/coat types, can be found online and you will always know exactly what you’re putting on your pup.

If your puppy has longer hair or a thick coat, it’s a good idea to follow up your dog shampoo regime with a good conditioner. Not only will a conditioner keep your puppy’s coat healthy and shiny, but it will also make it much easier to groom. Choose an all-natural conditioner formulated for sensitive skin, and your puppy will thank you.