Benazepril for Dogs Review

Benazepril For Dogs

What is Benazepril for dogs, why is this medication used, and what should owners know about this drug? Benazepril is available by prescription only, and is prescribed for both dogs and cats. This drug is used to treat high blood pressure, in cases of heart failure and for certain kidney diseases and conditions. Benazepril for cats and dogs is not FDA approved; however it has been used by vets for many years and is accepted as a standard practice in veterinary medicine. Benazepril for dogs will cause dilation in the veins of your pet and help eliminate any excess fluid that may accumulate in tissues.

Benazapril is an ACE inhibitor, and may be prescribed for dog heart murmur symptoms in some cases, as well as heart failure and certain other medical problems. This medicine should never be stopped without the approval of the prescribing vet, and it is important that you do not miss giving your pet a dose of Benazepril for dogs. If the medication is stopped suddenly serious medical complications can occur including elevated blood pressure. Some dog health insurance plans will not cover this prescribed medicine, because it is not FDA approved, but other plans may provide coverage because the medication is prescribed by the vet.

Benazepril for dogs has many benefits, but this medication also has possible side effects and risks as well. Dogs who are pregnant, have liver or kidney function impairment due to disease or damage, or have low levels of blood sodium should not be given this medication. If you notice sick dog symptoms which are unusual or problematic while your pet is on Benazepril treatment you should consult your vet immediately. In most cases the benefits of this drug will outweigh the risks, but serious complications can occur in a small number of dogs who receive this drug.