Benazepril for Cats Treats Heart and Renal Problems

Benazepril For Cats

Benazepril for cats is only available with a prescription from your vet, and this drug is commonly prescribed for pets that have been diagnosed with heart failure, certain types of kidney disease, and hypertension. Benazepril for dogs and cats will cause dilation in the veins of your pet, and this dilation helps to remove any excess fluid that may build up due to heart or renal problems. The correct dose of Benazepril for cats will depend on the weight of your pet and the severity of the condition being treated. Usually the dose is calculated from a minimum dose of 0.1 mg per pound of weight to a maximum dose of 0.45 mg per pound of weight, and this is given once each day.

A cat heart murmur or other heart defect may cause the heart to function less effectively, and this can mean fluid accumulation. Renal problems may also contribute to fluid retention. Benazepril for cats is an ACE inhibitor drug, and it works by opening up the veins in the circulatory system. Blood flow is increased, fluid is removed more effectively, and the blood pressure of your pet stays lower when this medication is given. Renal failure in cats can be fatal, and this is true of heart failure as well. Your vet will weigh the benefits of this drug against any risks, and determine whether Benazepril is the right treatment choice.

Benazepril for cats can be very effective in most cases, and can help prolong the life of your pet significantly and increase the quality of life enjoyed. If your pet takes any other medication you should ensure that your vet is aware of this, because certain medications can interact or interfere with this drug. Any cat illness symptoms that appear should be evaluated by the vet while your pet is taking this medication, because while side effects are rare with Benazepril when these do occur they can become life threatening.