Bearded Dragons as Pets: 7 Things To Remember

Bearded Dragons as PetsBearded dragons as pets can be very rewarding creatures for a wide range of ages. They are relatively docile animals and they aren’t known to run away when they have it good in the cage. This makes it easy to care for them, but they do have a few traits that need to be remembered when caring for them. Here is a list of 7 of these traits to be remembered.

1. Bearded dragon food needs to be a well balanced mix of fruits, greens, veggies, and proteins (bugs and worms). Adults need 20% protein and 80% greens and fruits. The bearded dragon diet also needs to be augmented with calcium supplements that can be sprinkled on food or fed to feeder insects.

2. Keeping bearded dragons as pets does require a close eye to be kept on your pet’s environment. Humidity and temperature are crucial to survival, and need to be monitored constantly. This can be aided by a humidity and temperature combo gauge made just for bearded dragon cages and other reptile habitats.

3. Dragons, like most lizards, need somewhere to hide to feel safe and secure. Mock rock tunnels and miniature caves can be purchased at most pet stores that sell bearded dragons as pets. Rocks or other natural structures you may find outdoors can also work well, but be sure they can be cleaned and don’t use rotting wood.

4. When debating on water dragon vs bearded dragon, it is best to remember that bearded dragons are far less active than water dragons. This makes them easier to maintain, but some say it makes them less fun.

5. It is always a good idea to speak with an expert at the pet store selling bearded dragons as pets, new ideas and needs come up all the time and no one can know them all.

6. If you use heat rocks or heating pads make sure they are adjustable. They should feel warm not hot to the touch.

7. Keep plenty of water in their cage. It will help keep up the humidity and they like to take an occasional dip if they get too hot.