Bearded Dragon Diet Chart

Bearded Dragon DietUnderstanding the proper bearded dragon diet can require a little time and research, because these lizards have certain nutritional needs which require careful planning and consideration. If the diet given does not contain the correct varieties and amounts of bearded dragon food types then your lizard could become stressed, ill, or even die off from nutritional deficiencies in their diet. Supplements are usually needed in a bearded dragon diet, because calcium deficiency is a common problem. The calcium and phosphorus ratios in the diet must be controlled, because a lot of foods high in phosphates in the diet will interfere with the calcium absorption of the dragon.

The diet for a water dragon vs bearded dragon is very similar. Crickets, mealworms, and fresh fruits and vegetables will make up the staple of the diet for your lizard, with a supplement of calcium and a multivitamin supplement which is low in Vitamin A included for complete nutrition. The chart used to determine a bearded dragon diet should list the foods which are to be avoided, as well as the foods that should be included. Keeping bearded dragons as pets can be a very rewarding experience, as long as you make sure that your dragon is getting all of the foods and nutrients needed for optimal health.

If you are trying to determine the best bearded dragon diet for your new pet there are diet charts from the experts which can help. These charts will show the best foods for your reptile, as well as foods like avocados which should be avoided completely. There are many different types of lizards for sale, and before you buy one of these reptiles you should make sure you understand what their diet should include. A diet missing in certain essential ingredients could shorten the lifespan of your dragon, and allow it to become stressed or sick as a result of malnutrition.