Baytril for Rabbits – How to Use?

Baytril For Rabbits

Baytril for rabbits is a common medication prescribed by vets for many infections caused by bacteria, but how should you use this drug? Your vet may prescribe this medicine in a number of forms when caring for rabbits, and these include a pill form, an oral liquid form, and an injection form. One problem when using this medicine is that there is a liver flavoring used that your bunny may find unappealing. This is true even of the Baytril for rabbits, and some pets will not take the medicine if you do not disguise the drug in fruit juice or other tasty treats that your pet enjoys.

If you have a rabbit runny stool problem then your vet should identify the bacteria responsible before prescribing any antibiotic. This will prevent any drug resistance and ensure that the right medication is used. Baytril for rabbits may be given by your vet in an injection while in the vet office, or you may be sent home with the medicine in the tablet or liquid form with specific dosing instructions. You should also be aware of the possible Baytril side effects so that you understand what to look for and when to call the vet.

Baytril for rabbits should only be used when prescribed by a vet. You should never use this drug without being told to by a vet, and should discard any leftover medication after your bunny has finished the course of treatment. Unlike using Baytril for cats and dogs, when this drug is used in rabbits it can cause the immune system in your pet to become stressed. If your rabbit comes down with the snuffles or certain other conditions caused by a bacterial infection and Baytril is prescribed it is important to use the medicine exactly as directed by your vet. Some bacteria may be resistant to this antibiotic, and your vet may need to use another choice instead if this is the case.