Baytril for Cats Uses for Ear Infections and UTI

Baytril For Cats

Baytril for cats is a frequent treatment prescribed by vets for cats who have ear or urinary tract infections, as well as certain other types of infections caused by bacteria. This drug is an antibiotic in the fluoroquinolone class, and it woks well against a range of bacteria types. All cat health problems should be checked by a vet, and an antibiotic should only be prescribed if there is a bacterial infection present. Most vets will verify the bacteria strain before prescribing Baytril for cats, to ensure that the right type of antibiotic is given for the infection diagnosed. This will prevent any chance of the bacteria causing a more severe infection if the antibiotic does not work.

A cat urinary tract infection will typically be treated using the tablet form of Baytril, which has a pleasant liver flavor that cats and dogs seem to enjoy. This drug should never be given to a pregnant or nursing cat though, because of possible harm to the kittens. A normal dose of Baytril for cats is 2.27 mg of the medication every twenty four hours, and this can be divided in half, with a half dose given every twelve hours. This may help minimize the possible Baytril side effects your pet experiences.

Baytril for cats who have an ear infection may be prescribed as otic drops, instead of tablets. The drops are easy to put into the ear of your pet, and do not require your pet to chew and digest the medicine. Make sure that you use the specific number of drops prescribed each time, so that the infection is cleared up properly. Baytril for dogs and cats can work well to treat a wide range of infections, including those in the ear and urinary tract of your pet. This is one of the top medicines prescribed by vets to treat these types of infections.