Anti Inflammatory for Dogs – Over The Counter vs Prescription

Anti Inflammatory For Dogs

When it comes to an anti inflammatory for dogs there are two choices, over the counter and prescription medications. Which of these is a better choice? The answer will depend on a number of factors. For elderly dogs with arthritis or moderate to severe pain, such as after surgery, an OTC option may not be effective. Rimadyl for dogs is one of the prescription medications used for arthritis and post op inflammation and pain, but this drug can have serious side effects. An over the counter anti inflammatory for dogs may not be strong enough to treat your pet the most effectively in some situations, but in others a prescription drug may be unnecessary.

Novox for dogs is the generic form of Rimadyl, and is available by prescription only. Human NSAIDs should never be given to your pet unless directed by your vet, instead an anti inflammatory for dogs should be used. OTC NSAIDs like Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen can be highly toxic to your pet, and are not intended to be used in animals. One prescription NSAID is Deramaxx for dogs treatment, and this medicine is a COX 2 inhibitor. This type of medication is not available without a prescription, and has been highly effective in treating pain and inflammation in dogs.

Arthramine for dogs has shown terrific results, and there is no prescription needed for this arthritis treatment. Arthramine uses natural ingredients and essential nutrients, which improve joint health and function without requiring a drug anti inflammatory for dogs. Omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients minimize pain and inflammation while promoting good joint health. This eliminates many of the side effects found in prescription drugs such as Previcox for dogs, Rimadyl, and Deramaxx. Whether your pet needs a prescription medicine or an over the counter treatment will work instead will depend on the severity of the inflammation and pain, as well as the cause.