African Grey Parrots For Sale: Top 10 Places Online

African Grey Parrots for SaleIf you are on the hunt for African Grey parrots for sale, you can do yourself a favor and start that search online. While you might be able to find some of these parrots in local bird stores, you are often better off going through breeders who will have raised the bird in close contact with people and who can provide you with information about the bird’s family history. Here are some good places to start your online search.

1. – The website lets African Grey parrot breeders post information about their available birds, including the hatch date and price. Listings include some photos as well.

2. – The site includes listings for African Grey parrots at various ages, including some available for adoption. Each listing also includes a date for when the information was last updated.

3. – A list of breeders who regularly offer African Grey parrots for sale is provided here and is arranged by state so you can find one closer to home.

4. Avian Welfare Resource Center ( – If you would rather adopt a bird that needs a home, you can find rescue organizations here. The listings are arranged by state. You will also find information about adoption, including the pros and cons.

5. – This small breeder offers baby African Grey parrots for sale, as well as offering others for adoption into good homes. No breeding is done during the summer. Keep in mind that smaller breeders need to charge a higher African Grey parrot price because of all the extra work they tend to do with the birds.

6. – The website includes links to a large number of breeders located throughout the United States.

7. – This Florida based breeder of African parrots provides details about the type of African Grey parrot care provided to the hatchlings and their parents.

8. Tucker Farms ( – The African Grey parrots for sale here are all micro-chipped before being sold which provides some security for new owners in case their beloved bird gets out.

9. – This Texas-based breeder completes DNA testing to determine the sex of the birds before selling. Besides the African Grey birds, they also sell cages for the bird.

10. – This listing includes African Grey parrots for sale from outside the United States, too.

If you want to bring one of these beautiful and smart birds into your home, these ten sources are a good place to begin searching for the perfect African Grey.