African Grey Parrot Breeders Review

African Grey Parrot BreedersChoosing the right parrot for your family is an important task. Because the African Grey can live for up to 60 years, this is no minor commitment. After you’ve decided that this bird is for you, make sure you go through African Grey parrot breeders to purchase the new addition to your home. The following facts can help you decide on the perfect bird.

Benefits of having an African Grey

One of the reasons so many African Grey parrots for sale is their many advantages as companion animals. They are one of the smartest birds. Not only can they master mimicry better than other parrots, but they can also make connections between human words and their meanings. In many respects, they have the intelligence of a five year old child which makes them more useful as a companion than even a dog or a cat.

Their long life can also be an advantage. If you don’t want a pet who will die before you do, checking out the selection available from African Grey parrot breeders is a good idea. Of course, the life-expectancy of the bird does depend on the quality of the African Grey parrot care you provide as the owner.

Another benefit is their loyalty. When only one person is around a lot, they can form a strong bond with that individual.

Fun Facts

Not only are these beautiful parrots great pets but they have a long and interesting history. Most people will be surprised if you dazzle them with African Grey parrot facts, such as that the birds were popular pets among the rich families of Rome thousands of years ago and were common traveling companions among sailors from Portugal.

People who are interested in bringing one of these loyal birds into their home will do well to check out the selection provided by African Grey parrot breeders. Unlike pet stores, breeders usually start getting parrots comfortable with human contact which will make bonding with your new bird much easier.