7 Things to Know About Miligold Macaw

Miligold MacawExotic pet birdsexotic pet birds can be very rewarding pets. They are usually affectionate animals and often become closely attached to their owners. They do, however, have a few traits that you should know before deciding to buy a new pet parrot. Some of these traits are true of all macaw breeds, and a few are specific to the miligold macaw.

1. Macaws are large parrots; the miligold macaw is a smaller breed but can still have an overall length of 27 to 34 inches. Macaws require a lot of room, so you’ll need to spend a pretty penny on their cage. A large perch on top of the cage is a good feature to look out for, this gives your parrot a roomy area to play and stay safe while outside of the cage. Remember, a macaw’s wingspan can reach 3.5 feet and their wings should not touch the sides of the cage when extended.

2. Keeping macaws as pets means you will need a few hours each day to give your bird. They need lots of attention and can become destructive or incredibly vocal if they don’t get it. Their enormous ability to make lots of noise also means apartment and condo dwellers should avoid them as pets.

3. Finding cheap macaws for sale doesn’t always mean finding a great deal. You should be able to verify breed by feather colors or know the breeder well. Also, baby macaws bred in captivity are susceptible to many diseases and they should be checked for them before purchase.

4. Miligold macaws are a cross breed of military and blue and gold breeds. Both parent breeds are said to be the most docile of macaw breeds, but this does not mean all miligolds will always be calm and affectionate. This misconception is often made with the yellow collared macaw also. Miligolds, like all macaws, are individuals and have unpredictable personality traits. So, although they may usually be calm, don’t expect every miligold macaw to be calm.

5. Miligold macaw diet is very important. Similar to the yellow collared macaw, miligolds require lots of fruits and nuts along with commercially made food products.

6. A miligold macaw will need plenty of mental stimulation other than normal interaction with their owner. Lots of toys and treats that take time to eat should be readily available in their cages.

7. Don’t expect your parrot to speak. If you’re buying a miligold or other parrot just for their speaking talent you should think again. Just like their temperament, speking ability varies from bird to bird.