7 Stunning Piranha Fish Facts for Aquarium Lovers

Piranha Fish

1. Piranha fish are a popular pet for some people, and they are freshwater fish that can work well with tropical fish tanks as long as care is taken with the choice of tank mates. These fish can be exciting to watch when they are fed, as long as you are not squeamish.

2. In some southern states in the USA it is illegal to offer piranha fish for sale, or to own these fish at all. These laws are intended to prevent any of these fish from being released into the wild, where they could destroy the natural balance and pose a threat to native fish species.

3. Piranha fish are aggressive, but these fish will only bite if they are hungry or become excited because blood gets into the water in the tank. Many believe that a number of piranhas can be kept together, but these fish will attack and eat each other as well as other fish species.

4. Piranha are freshwater aquarium fish that require extra filtering in the tank, because these fish can eat a lot and will create a significant amount of waste into the tank water. If proper filtering is not done this can lead to illness and disease, as well as dirty water.

5. Piranha fish can range in size, from just a few inches to some that can reach twelve inches or more. Make sure that the tank you have chosen is appropriate for the adult size of the piranha species that you want to keep.

6. Tropical fish food must be supplemented with fresh and live foods and even raw meats. Some types of piranhas require large amounts of protein, and a flake or pellet food will not give your fish proper nutrition and will get boring quickly.

7. Some piranha fish species do not eat any meat, and only require vegetables and other vegetation, while other species do not eat any vegetables and prefer meat only. You should check the feeding requirements for the species that you own or will buy, to make sure you know what the correct diet is.