10 Interesting Facts About Decorative Bird Cages

Decorative Bird CagesDecorative cages are wonderful pieces just for decoration or to be used as actual bird cages. The practice of making them goes back a couple thousand years, and here are some interesting facts about them.

1. Decorative bird cages were first popularized in the Victorian era. These cages were normally small handmade wooden cages with some elaborate décor. Canary birds for sale would often be found with these cages.

2. Bird cages for weddings are often used as decorative card holders. Guests place the couple’s cards into the cage for later collection. Card cages are traditionally made of silver.

3. Decorative bird cages for sale can cost thousands. Some are gilded in gold or covered in hand carved designs of wood, silver, or gold and other precious metals. These cages are also found as antiques of the Victorian era.

4. Finding decorative bird cages today can be difficult at best. Antique stores or online vendors are the best sources. Be wary of online antique dealers though, it is impossible to verify an item’s worth with only a few photos.

5. Cockatoo bird cages and those for other large parrots can often be larger than most furniture in the room. Because of this, manufacturers have some models that may have beautiful decorations and bases made of hand crafted wood trim.

6. In some cultures a bird cage represents captivity or entrapment. Most cultures, though, see decorative bird cages as wonderful works of art.

7. Many cages are designed to fit the region where they were made. An oriental cage may have architecture similar to that of ancient oriental buildings, or Tuscan cages can do the same but use the architecture of iconic Italian buildings.

8. Decorative bird cages can be used not only as decoration alone but can be used as plant holders, wall hangings, and even an actual bird cage depending on material.

9. Antique decorative bird cages have sold for thousands not just depending on material. Some have interesting histories or are so elaborately designed that buyers can’t turn them down.

10. Because many different cultures, from the Far East to the West, have kept birds as pets for thousands of years, it is impossible to tell who first began making these works of art. One thing is for sure though, these were once solely owned by royalty, but today we all have a chance to own one.